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When Ted Members conduct an act of replying or commenting, is that process a real creative product?

When Ted Members conduct an act of replying or commenting- Is that process a real creative, having the purest Thought, with no expectation or consideration of the reader?


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    May 22 2013: In life everything we do is a signature of our own personal behaviour. If posts are made in, as you have suggested Shishir, with no thought to grammer or spelling to thereby become more pure, this says something about the individual. To me, a reply or a comment, is telling a story. For example most people would know the story, "Little Red Riding Hood" imagine as you are being read the story and looking at the pictures, "3 Blind Mice" appear being chased by a woman with a carving knife and then on the next page there was another wolf who was trying to blow down a pigs house made of straw! The point I am making is that in order for a story to flow, there needs to be less distractions and disturbances to the readers thought processes so that they can focus on, comprehend and understand better and more easily what has been said.
    In relation to the topic, yes, all replies or commentry are creative and in fact you will also find that the writers are comparative to the community a very small percentage. From memory it is about 3%, eg if TED Community has 150,000 members, 4,500 would be posting only, the rest are readers!
    To blurt something out and give it life, especially in terms of internet posts, which are FOREVER (basically), is to me somewhat reckless. If you constantly say what you think without thought, then you invariably will insult, demean, belittle or offend many people, no matter how pure one may think the thought to be.
    If you offend your audience enough, soon enough you won't have one. People read to be entertained, mentally stimulated, to learn and a host of other reasons. As a writer, one would expect to do these sorts of things for their audience which also includes other writers who are also readers. Also a reader can at any time become a writer.
    Finally consider that all university submissions by students are generally put through a plagiarism filter which I'd imagine would also analyse posts here to determine if original thought had been used! :D
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      May 22 2013: your story telling skills are quite vivid

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