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Tedtopia! (stage one)

What about creating a million-person city in a ”perfect” TED way?
This is of course all hypothetical (…so far) but let’s even say that it was in Tedland!

Say that you, along with experts and people of every trade and culture were to come up with a TEDish solution to every problem that a city state might have.

Make everything anew!

Use good examples from countries and/or organizations but refrain from copying large parts of any system since they’re all probably faulty in some way.

Everything from law to sewage, everything from political systems to designing the buildings… you get the point.

Let’s start with the Idea of Tedtopia here and see where it goes!

Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

TEDtopia remains a dream...

  • Apr 11 2011: let the kids design some things, from the videos I've watched they can achieve amazing things after being given a very simple guideline to follow!
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    Apr 8 2011: UTOPIA woooww that would be great start everything from the beggining, dreaming doens't cost! already!! :D
    I would start with houses building them with nature shapes, destroy money and eat organic
    why political systems?? who invented that?? is all about creating a new perspective of life, values and respect
    also education is important, redefine its meaning making it the same for everyone not ''more money, better education''
    I think society would dramatically change if we all have the same possibilities of education, it creates equal terms.