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When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Children do this every day. Adults tend to conform to routine, at the risk of missing opportunities to grow and learn. Why? Because trying something new means possibly making mistakes, failing, wasting time? It also means expanding horizons, fulfilling dreams, building confidence.

When is the last time you had on a completely new experience?
Regardless of size or importance, what was it, and what kind of effect did it have on you, or those around you?


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    May 21 2013: Yesterday, I went on a 5 hour hike on Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada. It was in a forest: a breathtaking view!! I never walked for more than 3 hours (consecutively) before. So, this was a great new experience. It made me realize how valuable being immersed in nature for a long period of time is.
    • May 22 2013: Wow, Mariam, it sounds truly energizing! I am assuming, after this experience, it won't be the last time you immerse yourself in nature either!

      On a personal note - I LOVE Bowen Island!!

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