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How can we get the facts on what really makes humans tick?

The Venus project, Zeitgeist Movement, living in a cave all have one thing in common; they made the assumption that humans can change their minds through re-education, pain and suffering (from a crashing existing system). But can they? Seriously, is it biologically possible for the majority of the human race (average Joes) to embrace logic and reason over their baser instincts and emotions?

Genetic research (especially behavioural genetics and epigenetic) is in its infancy, we dont have enough facts to confirm or reject the hypothesis that humans act-react the way they do because of how genes structured their psyche. Human psyche development and research, due to nature and-or nurture, is the key to solving ALL of our problems.

I propose we go further than the human genome project, further than general anthropology, I propose we really look deep into the biological variables of our mind and body and confirm or reject once and for all this nature and/or nurture circus show and find out what we really want, need, desire as homo sapiens.

Once we do, we can proceed with the second phase of human development, change the way we think (through science and/or re-education) OR shape our future society around how we naturally are. There is no right or wrong, only facts and science to help us move along and cease the pseudo-science guessing game of what we want and what we should do for the future.

How can we plan for the future if we dont even know what we are-arent?


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      May 22 2013: The logical response would be to save the child because it would be an irrational waste of human resource to just let him/her die, provided that you are capable of saving the child instead of dying along with him/her. If we leave it to emotion and instinct, there will be those who WILL NOT save the child, even if it poses no risk to him/her due to whatever personal illogical/irrational reason they may have.

      Logic and reason come from science and facts that are continually being confirmed/rejected through research and discovery, they cannot be corrupted and will always dictate maximum efficiency due to the nature of our universe, which is to operate at the lowest possible energy configuration (look up quantum physic, I cant post them all here)

      Human emotions are a more evolved version of animal instincts and like all biological behaviours, they will change, be genetically turned on/off and even phased out from our biology if we let evolution and our living environment, both man made and natural to take their respective course.

      I do not propose we eliminate or suppress our emotion/instinct, I propose we study them in depth, find out how efficient they are in relevance to our current and future societal requirement. In natural evolution, there is no right or wrong, only what works and what doesnt, its like nature's version of logic and reason, but slow and error prone. Did you know all living things have parts of their body that doesnt work well with their environment and may actually kill the species off in the long run? (which happened to quite a few species that couldnt evolve fast enough)

      If we leave it to nature, we will be playing Russian roulette with our future, any numbers of environmental, natural or man-made elements-factors can lead us into an early grave.

      We have to know more about ourselves and our universe. Get the blueprint, then built the system, not the other way around.

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