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Harnessing Moving Air from Vehicle Motion (feasible?)

Just wanted to see if any engineer or scientist or person would know if the electricity gained from using a windmill-type apparatus on a car would outweigh the gasoline/electricity lost from drag?

Closing Statement from Kai Demandante

Thanks everyone who commented! I posted this question in a moment of brain flatulence haha. Regen braking wouldn't be bad, but yeah I must've been tripping. Literally falling on my keyboard and then accidentally hit enter on purpose. Let me acknowledge the oxymoronic (word?) terms in the previous sentence, so no one else has to. Once again thanks!

  • May 25 2013: How come they'vew newver mastered harnessing the endless source of energy garnered from waves?
  • May 23 2013: Okay, you already have the physics from Peter and LaMar. Nice, try but........................ Believe me the easy ideas have been investigated. Taking thermodynamics can save wasted thought. I remember reading a Feynman story where he was sued by someone who thought he (not Feynman) had invented a perpetual motion machine. Now it's time for Tesla stories. Didn't he do some neat things in Colorado Springs?
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    May 22 2013: It would contradict the first law of thermodynamics if it did, and if the first law of thermodynamics is wrong then the universe can't exist.
  • May 21 2013: Good question and the answer is yes.