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How does curiosity and hunger for knowledge change the world for the better and what can be done to avoid mistakes?

Hypothesis - if we assume that we're all programmed to do, achieve certain goals, think, fail or not, be self-made or made by others - how to fix the system of the programme or make it work better?


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  • May 22 2013: Its the AWE that drives the cultural/philosophical/scientific evolution of our species. Im sure curiosity has an evolutionary aspect to it.. I mean what drove man to explore, create, innovate and what compels us to be on TED??? whats compels us to seek out knowledge and be committed to change the worlds even if sometimes are heads are in the wrong places? I think its the AWE of life that brought us to our current state of humanity and will bring us to the next paradigm.
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      May 22 2013: Thanks, Keith.

      What is it that gives you this feeling of awe you're describing and how does that inspire curiosity in you?

      Best wishes.
      • May 22 2013: Im inspired by knowledge of all kinds but what really inspires me specifically are the philosophical renegades of the enlightenment era who sought truth and justice despite the threat of death hanging over their heads. It reminds me that answers can be found if truth is sought and there is something very
        poetic about that era of history and the thinking of such men.. i guess i like to think i have that renegade, truth has no bounds type of attitude.. what about you??
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          May 22 2013: Do I really need to answer that? ;)

          Reminds me of a short novel in which a person sitting in his room needs a change. He describes the position of furniture - a table there, a bed there, a closet there. He shifts it around, calls it a change. It's not enough, he shifts it around even more, he calls it avantgarde. After some time he's still not satisfied so he decides to sleep in the closet. He calls it revolution. Then he discovers that it's uncomfortable, so he moves the furniture back to their original position, begins to sleep in his bed again remembering how he used to be a revolutionist. By Mrozek. A funny short story.
          Just a thought.

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