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Should we expect anyone in the entertainment industry to be role models?

I've realized while thinking about athletes and artists (of music) that I don't care about the performers personal life (or anything beyond sports/music) as long as it doesn't stop them from being a great basketball player or artist (obvious exception is something illegal, but anything else like personal opinions I don't care about). I'd just like to see if anyone else feels the same why and explain why or why not.


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    May 24 2013: Whatever these so-called celebrities do..be it music, acting, sports or for that reason anything else..... making them a public figure is the game of media. These celebrities are doing what they ought to do for their own survival. When talking of the entertainment industry.. they are just doing a role play in various capacities.... just as I do my work for my family's survival and growth. Maybe I work better than them in my own field but don't get enough media attention to make me a superstar... Why should my child not follow me and rather follow an actor whom he doesn't know and doesn't live with... and yes ...the actor concerned doesn't even know who my child is????????? This in turn brings to the forefront..that....I as a father MUST be the role-model for my child .... I must be what I would want my child to become ... I must be the dream of my child !!!

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