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Should we expect anyone in the entertainment industry to be role models?

I've realized while thinking about athletes and artists (of music) that I don't care about the performers personal life (or anything beyond sports/music) as long as it doesn't stop them from being a great basketball player or artist (obvious exception is something illegal, but anything else like personal opinions I don't care about). I'd just like to see if anyone else feels the same why and explain why or why not.


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    May 22 2013: Personally I expect entertainers to entertain and sportsmen to be good at sport and surgeons to be good at surgery. I also expect parents to teach their children that just because a person is good at one thing doesn't mean they are a good person and should be put on a pdestal, it just means they're good at one thing. Afterall, who do you want doing your heart surgery, that really nice doctor, or the one that's a bit of an a'hole but a brilliant surgeon?
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      May 22 2013: The a'hole, of course.
    • May 22 2013: Peter, I agree with your surgeon example. Unless, of course, the nice one is also brilliant...

      Out of curiosity - do you think a role-model is someone that belongs on a pedestal?
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        May 22 2013: I think we expect too much of "role-models". A great athlete can be a role-model for commitment to training and never giving up, and for that could be "put on a pedestal". But, we need to keep focussed on what it is about this person that we admire and not extrapolate it to worship of the whole person because of one positive trait.
        • May 23 2013: Agreed, Peter.
          At the end of the day, they're 'just people' who have achieved something great.
          I think, your own perception of how great that achievement is, is what will get them onto that pedestal, or not.
          I admire Angelina Jolie for making a controversial, yet life-saving decision to remove her breasts.
          I question Oscar Pistorius's character, despite what he has accomplished as a handicapped athlete.

          How big a role does the media play, in our own perception of these 'role models'? Without it, we would know very little. But because of it, the information we do receive is tainted...

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