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Are people really more narcissistic than ever before? If so, are social networks and other new media to blame?

I keep hearing that narcissism is at an all time high. The Millennial generation is now being dubbed Generation ME and walking down the street you can count the number of people you see pointing phones at their faces for "selfies." But is this generation really more narcissistic than previous generations or are social networks and other new media simply a platform for broadcasting narcissistic tendencies that otherwise may have gone unnoticed?

By their nature of relying on user-generated content Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, encourage an endless stream of self promotion. At what point does this become psychologically destructive? People can get caught up in cultivating their own image rather than interacting with others. My worry is that we will be faced with a generation where everyone acts like the star of their own reality show. Do you think this is where we are headed?

Interesting Reading: http://www.psychalive.org/2012/10/is-social-media-to-blame-for-the-rise-in-narcissism/


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  • Jun 21 2013: I was really drawn by the question raised by Lena..And the inputs by the esteemed members have been enlightening too..
    Though technology may not be able to alter human behaviour, it does open up opportunities hitherto unexplored. Not long before our entire leisure time was spent in networking sites and e-mails, etc, people used to have a more outdoor life. Children played outside, made more friends, and in general, behave as they should, ie, appropriate for their age. Now things are altered. People are busier. There is not time to enjoy the finer pleasures of life.
    And since we lack time to explore, or we think we lack time, we remain content with what comes easy to us. And what else can be better that sites which brings the world to us without we having to move a muscle? We end up talking of ourselves. What we do, what we like, what we want...and so on..And amazingly, we find people who listen to us! We get encouraged, we want to say more..At at some point, we may forget that we are doing nothing else but I, ME , MYSELF in everything we post !
    Yes, the social media are designed to lure us. And it is really upto us how much we dive in into it...We are bullied to sell dreams, killing our conscience at times, and we just tend to ignore how much is too much..
    And if we are narcissistic , it is not only these portals which are responsible..The will, the intention, the capacity to judge, these all lie within us...And really, it is upto us to decide how we shape ourselves up as human beings...

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