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Create a web site where all NGOs and activist groups can present their cause in the form of a proposed act/decree/law

NGOs worldwide and others write up acts/laws that address threatening worldwide problems.
These laws are drafted in a standard format for consistence and easy of comprehension.
The host web site categorizes these acts and indexes them and displays them
Web site becomes host for proposed legislative law available for any party or politician, anywhere on the planet.
Web site asks others to support enactment of proposed laws through petitions etc.
Mirrored web sites could offer translations.
Host site promotes a single worldwide mission and single mission statement (ideas please)
We will never resolve problems so long as we remain fragmented into small numbers without a unified voice

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    Jun 6 2013: This is not at all what I have in mind. Have a look at where I try to make my case,
    If we first acknowledge that to make progress that legislative acts/laws must be implemented then look at the process needed to achieve that goal.
    We must propose what we as society wants done. We need to then prepare in writing what we want done as a legislative act. We must present the proposals to the public worldwide for input and amendments. We must then promote the proposals and get the public to stand behind such proposals in numbers that leave no doubt as to our objectives.
    I have a draft list of a couple of hundred things that need to be addressed - I didn't see any of them on the site you pointed out
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    Jun 4 2013: @people out of EU:
    It is here:
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    May 27 2013: Hi Lori,
    Thanks for the comments.
    First off, at 76, I am not planning on building a site myself as I simply don't have the talent. I would however like to continue exploring this idea with anyone interested.
    My latest thought is that we need to break down the problems facing us into categories and then present a case for one issue in each category every second week. If we used 26 categories then we could offer one proposed legislative act every two weeks every year. Perhaps Avaaz could take on that task but rather than offer the act - petition to one legislative body they would send it to every national legislative body in their own perspective language. They have a millions of followers already. Avaaz and others do a phenomenal job but we need to resolve major problems that affect all of us and not just the few.
    Here are the 26 categories that I have drafted. needs editing I'm sure
    1. Air degradation
    2. Biodiversity
    3. Democracy/Voting
    4. Energy
    5. Farming/Logging
    6. Fishing/Whaling
    7. Food
    8. Forestry and Mining
    9. Genetic engineering
    10. Health
    11. Human Rights
    12. Land/Soil Degradation
    13. Nuclear Issues
    14. Ozone Issues
    15. People’s Commons/natural resources
    16. Plastic Dangers
    17. Public Broadcasting/Freedom of speech/Right to Knowledge
    18. River and Water Resources
    19. Space Issues
    20. Species
    21. Toxins
    22. Trade and Labour
    23. Transportation
    24. Waste/Recycle
    25. Other
    26. Other -
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    May 27 2013: I love it! I haven’t come across a site like this. The closest thing is Asoka’s, which focuses on collaboration and funding. Are you looking to build this site?
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    May 22 2013: Hi Fritzie,
    I really don't know of anyone trying something similar even though I have been promoting this idea for a long time. If you have any other links pass them on.
    Avaaz and change org seem to be trying the same thing with petitions and having favorable results
    I asked a few organization to help me write a petition on reducing plastic usage globally and had no response. Its tough to get attention and support.
    (I mention plastic because it covers a number of areas - leaching of hormone mimickers, ground water pollution, disrupting male female ratios, chocking sea life, lost fish nets that kill forever etc)
    In this concept (that needs a lot of input) Plastic would be category - elimination of single use plastic bags could become a proposed ACT written with input from anyone. I said NGOs as they are the ones with the staff and research data. Individuals could offer input but someone would have to keep it on track. The host of such ACTs would have to stay out of this to remain neutral.
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      May 23 2013: I would need to search, just as you would.
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        May 23 2013: Sorry - but I didn't mean for you to search for me. I just thought you might know of one.
        While I am here I will mention some ideas that could be written as acts and would go a long way to improve the welfare of people and planet alike.
        Eliminate GMOs
        Stop deindustrialization of our nations
        Stop the use of depleted uranium
        Stop the practice of female genital mutilation
        Restrict the size of automotive engines
        Reverse the concentration of media ownership
        Make it illegal to hide assets from taxation and confiscate such assets
        Stop embalming of corpses
        Stop the use of plurality/majority voting systems
        Stop the manufacturing of any product that leaches hormone mimicking chemicals.

        That is only 10 acts that would get the ball rolling.
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          May 23 2013: Are you thinking of just a listing of demands that could be represented as legislation, or do you envision any sort of articulation of reasoning, thoughtful issue papers that show that the proponent has considered all the dimensions of an issue, and so forth?

          I think solid NGOs with a lot of credibility would distance themselves from a site on which just anyone could post any sort of demand.
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    May 22 2013: I suggest you look online to see what you find of this type. For example, the petition website would seem to have some overlap with your idea, but carries a broader range of proposals and not just from NGOs.

    Another person posted a similar proposal to yours last month but not restricted to NGOs. Maybe such projects are well underway!
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      May 22 2013: HI ZX No, I wasn't suggesting that. I am suggesting that each NGO etc would write up their objectives as a law/act/decree so that we would know (in a nut shell) what they stood for and were trying to accomplish.
      The host site would index it and post it and allow followers to support it, offer changes, or reject it.
      The whole thing would counter the legislation prepared by right winged think tanks that is adopted and passed into law as destructive acts and omnibus bills all the time.
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    May 22 2013: Hi Matthew,

    I haven't exactly understood what I am supposed to do in the above mentioned project...

    I have a not for profit web site that offers personalized medical expertise on Sexual Health worldwide.

    Innumerable teenagers are in the grips of severe anxiety depression caused by their wrong belief that they will be impotent and infertile along with having a host of harmful mental and physical damages to their body because of masturbation or wet dreams.

    Teenagers don't confide in parents, teachers, and doctors out of shame and suffer silently.
    There is no other way I can prevent such a huge number of teenagers from being fleeced of their money and robbed of robust, dynamic mental and physical health caused by misconceptions about common innocuous adolescent experiences such as masturbation and wet dreams.

    Best wishes,
    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Consultant Psycho Sexual Medicine
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India
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    May 22 2013: Good idea But

    Problems it might face
    1.Over Crowding
    2.Vested interests
    3.People' apathy
    4.Government's apathy
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      May 22 2013: Hi Adesh - To prevent overcrowding (as you put it) perhaps we could suggest the preparation of one act/decree for each of the categories.
      Wikipedia has a list of about 25 that we could use to get started
      As for the other problems they will always be with us - Remember “Big change looks impossible when you start, and inevitable when you finish.” - Bob Hunter
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      May 22 2013: Good morning LaMar. As the object is to curb the destruction of the planet and to improve the welfare of people I think we need to find something that says that in a few words.
      How about something like "Preparing, presenting and promoting legislative ACTs for people and planet"
      "ACT NOW" could be the "call to arms"