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Create a web site where all NGOs and activist groups can present their cause in the form of a proposed act/decree/law

NGOs worldwide and others write up acts/laws that address threatening worldwide problems.
These laws are drafted in a standard format for consistence and easy of comprehension.
The host web site categorizes these acts and indexes them and displays them
Web site becomes host for proposed legislative law available for any party or politician, anywhere on the planet.
Web site asks others to support enactment of proposed laws through petitions etc.
Mirrored web sites could offer translations.
Host site promotes a single worldwide mission and single mission statement (ideas please)
We will never resolve problems so long as we remain fragmented into small numbers without a unified voice


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    May 22 2013: Hi Matthew,

    I haven't exactly understood what I am supposed to do in the above mentioned project...

    I have a not for profit web site that offers personalized medical expertise on Sexual Health worldwide.

    Innumerable teenagers are in the grips of severe anxiety depression caused by their wrong belief that they will be impotent and infertile along with having a host of harmful mental and physical damages to their body because of masturbation or wet dreams.

    Teenagers don't confide in parents, teachers, and doctors out of shame and suffer silently.
    There is no other way I can prevent such a huge number of teenagers from being fleeced of their money and robbed of robust, dynamic mental and physical health caused by misconceptions about common innocuous adolescent experiences such as masturbation and wet dreams.

    Best wishes,
    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Consultant Psycho Sexual Medicine
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India

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