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Risks are important. But how do you decide which ones are worth taking and when to be more calculative.

Risks are at the end just that... risks.. with a substancial probability of failure. Mostly everyone likes to believe they take risks in their own lives.. but we all have a degree of what we consider risks.. 'calculative risks' and a degree of intuition. Like i could take risks in careers and lifestyles, but not physical risks.
What process do you use to figure when to follow your heart and when to follow your brain and how to balance the two..


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    Apr 8 2011: Hey Puneet: If one is passionate about the task ...or in a do or die situation ...one would go to any extent to take up the risk as long as it does not break any laws of the country or humanity.....

    At every stage one must check their premises by listening to their heart about the risk they are taking and how is it going transform the lives of the nearest connected people involved with the action one is taking the risk for ......

    At the same time measuring the ROR (Returns On Risk ..as i call it ) must be calculated by benchmarking the phases involved in the task ..to what level you want to reach ........

    This is a perfect balance between the heart and brain ........

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