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Evolution: "just a theory". Scientific caution is sometimes confusing.

The fact that our best available theories are still speculations misleads some people to believe that these ideas are not founded. Hence, some people suppose their uneducated opinion is just as bad, or as good, as the mainstream scientific hypothesis.
This trend is probably led by the way science has been taught, i e as a flawless method that offers facts about reality.
And by pre-scientific philosophy, still strong in our modern societies.

Evolution is "just a theory" the way Notre Dame is "just a pile of rocks", isn't it?



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  • Jun 10 2013: What about Lamarkian evolution? I don't think the basic premise holds water, but I do think environment influences evolution. Phenotype drives genotype. The idea that random mutations, for example, drove dolphins and whales from land creatures to sea creatures is hard to understand. However, if living in an aquatic environment droves the changes, nostrils on top of the head and blowholes, it makes more sense. I have no thoughts on the mechanism that drives these mutations, but think somehow environment influences mutation. Any thoughts?
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      Jun 10 2013: Yup, that's Epigenetics for you! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epigenetics
    • Jun 13 2013: I doubt many people doubt evolution, but many people question that it was driven by random-mutation-and-natural-selection. (premature death doing something to genetic accidents). It is easier to imagine that each organism exerts its own effort to adapt, and if persistent over generations, such adaptations are eventually incorporated into the genome. Thus evolution is closer to Lamarck than anything Darwin suggested.
      Berthajane Vandegrift http://30145.myauthorsite.com/

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