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Evolution: "just a theory". Scientific caution is sometimes confusing.

The fact that our best available theories are still speculations misleads some people to believe that these ideas are not founded. Hence, some people suppose their uneducated opinion is just as bad, or as good, as the mainstream scientific hypothesis.
This trend is probably led by the way science has been taught, i e as a flawless method that offers facts about reality.
And by pre-scientific philosophy, still strong in our modern societies.

Evolution is "just a theory" the way Notre Dame is "just a pile of rocks", isn't it?



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  • Jun 12 2013: The direction you take this idea of "just a theory" is very misleading in a many ways. People always take theory as just an idea. The idea of evolution itself has been around for thousands of years, but as you probably know Charles Darwin himself provided many questions, analyzations, and facts. Although many questions still remain to this theory, the general base of it has already been proven whether people like it or not. For example in mainstream media, people insert factual claims and their own opinions to make others either lied to or confused. That's my professional opinion.

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