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Evolution: "just a theory". Scientific caution is sometimes confusing.

The fact that our best available theories are still speculations misleads some people to believe that these ideas are not founded. Hence, some people suppose their uneducated opinion is just as bad, or as good, as the mainstream scientific hypothesis.
This trend is probably led by the way science has been taught, i e as a flawless method that offers facts about reality.
And by pre-scientific philosophy, still strong in our modern societies.

Evolution is "just a theory" the way Notre Dame is "just a pile of rocks", isn't it?



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  • May 31 2013: As a poetic idea, the right brain , left brain dichotomy might be ok, but it seems to me, this this whole scheme is very new, high tech, and totally derived from what you might as well call Science. Years ago, before brain scans, I don't remember hearing about it at all. Also, I don't know about you, but I would be hard put to tell anyone just which side of the brain I am using at any particular time. Science did pretty well for years without this.

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