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What is your poetry?

Poetry communicates what nothing other than poetry can. We all have those unspoken stories, the resounding silence and the brilliance of darkness that defy the structures of prose. Some of us can have poetry to speak for us, like Suheir does. Some of us do not have it and read it to know that someone else has spoken for us.

Leonard Cohen said, 'Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.'

How well is your life burning? How much ash did it gather? What is your poetry?

Dedicated to my TED friend Jim Moonan.


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    May 29 2013: we, are nothing but dust.You were not fish or monkey. If we look in the mirror which shows the aerial view of existence, one shall find only dust. Dust, which consist of mysterious energy. That’s everyone’s true ‘shape’. Shape of ‘dust’. “Shapeless”!It’s the ultimate artwork. Yet we were fish and indeed monkeys too.So, stop wearing MASK at least in front of the mirror and witness ‘Reality’.We were always here. Your presence today is the only evidence. There was no beginning and surely it doesn’t have any end.We think, ‘this’ is our beginning but it is not. Simply because we ‘THINK’!It is madness to imagine how much we have traveled in the Universe.
    You will never experience how to be ‘not two’ unless you join the ‘flow’. Without joining the ‘flow’ even the champions of individuality could never understand what it means, who are you to say anyways? Because you have been conditioned till core, your inner self has been sent for vacation. Your inner self is locked in a hotel room since your childhood. All it wants is to take a walk on the road where ‘One’ will find ‘Mortals’ and ‘Immortals’. You have been conditioned all your life, to be smart like a fox and your actions are controlled by foxy mind tricks.
    The distractions offered by the society makes it worst. But you are the MASTER because you hold the key to free your inner being to take that walk which will open the Third Eye. We are a part of this ultimate Artwork. The Ultimate Workshop. This is what we are here for. To realize that everything is connected.That’s the only reason.
    Just be prepared with an open mind and you shall see your inner being singing and dancing.There is no goal for anyone. No need to become. If there is any goal, we have already achieved it, now its time to sing and dance.You are standing on top of your goal, looking all around, trying to chase the goal in every possible direction.It’s always been there, right under your nose.There is simply no need to chase.
    No need to go anywhere but HERE

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