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What is your poetry?

Poetry communicates what nothing other than poetry can. We all have those unspoken stories, the resounding silence and the brilliance of darkness that defy the structures of prose. Some of us can have poetry to speak for us, like Suheir does. Some of us do not have it and read it to know that someone else has spoken for us.

Leonard Cohen said, 'Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.'

How well is your life burning? How much ash did it gather? What is your poetry?

Dedicated to my TED friend Jim Moonan.


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  • May 21 2013: I have been kind of drifting to Ogden Nash, Kipling, Poe, and William Blake (whose art is so wonderful). Of course the Romantics are outstanding and how can we get by without Alfred Lord Tennyson and Sir Walter Scott. Okay, as I get older poetry rocks.
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      May 21 2013: Me too. Btw, do you see a 'man' in the romantics?

      I was looking for the line and only now I found it.
      “It was at that age
      that poetry came in search of me.”
      • May 22 2013: Pabitra I am probably being pedantic because I am made that way, but the Romantics include Shelley, Lord Byron, and a few of their contemporaries I believe. That's what I meant.

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