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This topic is certainly up for debate, but is more an answer to those that proposed that there is no such thing as veganism due to the fact that all plant matter, and fungi have some form of dead or decayed animal matter within, or on the organism. My response to this is: veganism is not about eating dead animal matter within or on the plant form itself; thus, it is about ethics. One should ask themselves, "where does my meat come from?" Then go online and find out what they do within the slaughter houses. If one can't bear to watch it, then how can on consume the meat that comes from the "house of slaughter"? If you would like more information understanding veganism, watch Gary Yourofsky's video on Youtube. You will definitely have second thoughts towards eating meat, dairy and eggs. He is quite informative; a great speaker, and well informed.


A fellow Vegan


Closing Statement from Theo Katotikidis

I would like to thank everyone for their opinions or statements. I would have liked to hear more from some vegans or vegetarians, but I guess it was luck of the draw depending on who would have noticed this conversation.

I would like to thank Adesh Saxena and Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut for their views on Buddhism. You have enlightened and educated me on the different forms of Buddhism. Your comments gave me the motivation to research it throughout the day :)

Lastly, I would like to thank Lamar Alexander. You put up quite a fight, even though I had no hatred towards "omnivorous human beings". You helped me remember the old me and what I fought for. I appreciate your comments/opinions on this topic and hope you will be back for more some time soon! ;)

Take care everyone!


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    May 21 2013: .
    Our instincts control our health.

    Instinctively, we taste raw:
    (1) Vegetables good,
    (2) Meats bad.

    So, vegan's health has to be good.

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