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What are some realistic and creative ways to reduce wealth inequality?

I am a a third year student completing a degree in Social Work in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am currently doing a paper on Social and Community Development where I have to consider a topic of interest and then form a plan based on a theoretical perspective to eliminate or reduce a social issue.

My chosen topic is: Then impact of wealth inequality on social cohesion within New Zealand.

I would love to hear some creative and realistic thoughts around reducing this social issue which is a rapidly increasing, world wide issue. If anyone is well versed around topics such as this, stating your political ideology/perspective/basis of your ideas would be a great help so that I am able to further research the good idea's!

The primary focus will be on reducing wealth inequality as by doing this, social cohesion will increase. Despite this, I do hope to develop a small scale plan to increase social cohesion as well to strengthen the assignment.

Thanks heaps in advance :)


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    May 29 2013: Make inheritance illegal.
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      May 29 2013: i hope we will never live in a world in which people can enforce their half baked ideas on others.

      oh wait. we already live in that world.
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        May 29 2013: Yep .....and those free sex vouchers still haven't arrived. :)
        • May 30 2013: forget the free sex vouchers... I'm still waiting for my Silver Jumpsuit. :)
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        May 30 2013: Suggest you check with adesh saxena, he may have one in his 'goodie sharing list' he will be posting up shortly. :)

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