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What are some realistic and creative ways to reduce wealth inequality?

I am a a third year student completing a degree in Social Work in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am currently doing a paper on Social and Community Development where I have to consider a topic of interest and then form a plan based on a theoretical perspective to eliminate or reduce a social issue.

My chosen topic is: Then impact of wealth inequality on social cohesion within New Zealand.

I would love to hear some creative and realistic thoughts around reducing this social issue which is a rapidly increasing, world wide issue. If anyone is well versed around topics such as this, stating your political ideology/perspective/basis of your ideas would be a great help so that I am able to further research the good idea's!

The primary focus will be on reducing wealth inequality as by doing this, social cohesion will increase. Despite this, I do hope to develop a small scale plan to increase social cohesion as well to strengthen the assignment.

Thanks heaps in advance :)


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    May 27 2013: I don't know if it's realistic, but:
    If the super-rich believed in something else than controlling their econonomic power and priviliges I think it would help a lot. If some of them started sharing their wealth, not taking part of charities, but really sharing their material and social wealth, from their heart. And if the ones who did that were individuals who the other of their group admired and wanted to be friends with.
    We all want to belong and we all mimic the people closest to us, mirror if you like that word better.
    There are a number of social theoretical models that talks about change of behaviour, if you want that kind of reinforcement for your argument...
    So a number of super-rich individuals could start, just enough to ignite that spark and keep a small flame of love and awareness burning...
    And we could all be transformed by that fire of love.
    That's my dream and many real things started as dreams...
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      May 27 2013: Realistic you ask...........................ponder this................

      'I always find it interesting how the solution is as simple as SOMEBODY ELSE pays for it!'
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        May 27 2013: Blade Runner- many poor persons pay for others riches, every day, not with money but with their lives. This is also someone else, who pays.
        That solution, to let them continue with that, might also look simple, because it does not require any change.
        I am not that poor, but really not that rich either. If my way of using material resources of this planet was more widespread in Europe and the US, a lot of material wealth would be freed for other things. All of us do not have to have children of our own. For example, me, my husband and many of our friends do not. We spend time with our nieces and nephews, with other family members and friends of all ages. I am not perfect, moral or a leader in any way. Just a fellow human being who suffers when I see other suffer.
        With a dream, that I think many share.
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          May 27 2013: Curious Anna..........these poor people you speak of that daily loose their lives as payment so that others have riches are exactly where and are they slaves perchance??

          Still curious....how would your usage of material resources determine an outcome of freeing up material wealth for other things and specifically what are these 'other things' you allude to?

          I thought material products were manufactured primarily because there was a market/demand for such and once there no longer is no demand, production ceases and a fair amount of items/resources are recycled these days.

          I also fail to see what relevance your comments about kids or lack of kids has to do with the topic of wealth inequality or are you perchance alluding to there being some inequality with those that have kids as opposed to those that don't.

          As for 'perfect, moral or being a leader'.................suggest they are all subjective.

          Dreamers dream!........................Doers do!....................And one doesn't have to imagine that!

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        May 28 2013: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contemporary_slavery

        Just open your eyes, your heart and your ears and take a good look around you. It is good to perceive before doing. Our brains need to dream or we go crazy.
        So look again: Who takes away your garbage? Who cleans the streets where you live? Who takes care of all those things that are dirty and dangerous and not that glamorous? Many times it is someone who is more or less forced to do so. We could share those chores...
        I had a very small cleaning business for nearly ten years, just me doing all the work.
        If all the cleaners of the world quit today, we would be in trouble.
        And guess what: I dreamed while cleaning!!!
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          May 28 2013: Suggest you failed to answer my question about your claims about folk dieing to enrich others.

          So I suggest you read my copy and paste from the Equality discussion on this forum..........and then dream some more................

          "My point is that we have a system in place that incorporates a whole spread of social strata or caste system which perform certain required tasks to keep the wheels of our society turning.

          Now if we educate everybody to their full potential how disruptive or beneficial is that going to be to society?

          How many rocket scientists do we need compared to toilet cleaners?

          But then again Time Traveler so kindly reminded us in one of his posts as I recall ....... 50% of the population are below average intelligence, so I am guessing we won't be running out of toilet cleaners anytime soon even though some folk herein feel everybody should be going home with the same size pay packet. :)"

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        May 28 2013: If you view your fellow human beings as pieces needed to keep the wheels turning and yourself ( it seems like, by your arrogance) as someone entitled to more than the majority of the human race, then I can understand your logic.

        It's just not very intelligent. While running my cleaning business I also volunteered, for free, in a meditationcenter. I did that because it allowed me to work the hours I wanted to work.
        I come from academic background. My grades have always been far above avarage. I just didn't make the traditional career. Because I refused to take part in the rat race, where everybody is cutting each others throats in order to climb socially and earn more money.
        I just don't see that it makes anyone happy.
        Through life I have had friends that have been both rich and poor. I have seen the insides of some places where very rich people move. It has not made me want become one of them.
        If existence would throw an enormous amount of money my way, I would try to find ways to use it in a creative way.
        Today the war industry, the drug industry and the trading of humans are a big part of our global economy. Many rich people are not aware of how their money helps destructive forces to stay in power. It is a fine balance, how to use your time and energy wisely, for the benefit both of yourself and others. And that needs more intelligence than creating a career other can be jealous of.
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          May 28 2013: Well Anna, take off your rose coloured glasses and you will see we are all a commodity in one form or another.
          And nope, not arrogance but the belief that what I have earned by my effort and intelligence remains mine (after having paid my deemed taxes) to do with as I deem without guilt or beholding to anothers moral code.
          You made your choices and when you claim...........'I just don't see that it makes anyone happy.', maybe it just gets down to different strokes for different folks.

          And as for 'creative'.............well that's even more subjective and obtuse methinks.

          And the world is what it is ....................

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        May 28 2013: You really seem very unhappy, the way you perceive the world seems very lonely and sad, to me.
        But I agree with you that different folks need and want different strokes. I just wonder what made you jump in to the conversations you have been posting in here. Do you get your strokes from this activity?
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          May 29 2013: Ah another unqualified, unemployed profiler looking for work.:)

          And you believe my few posts, gives you the insight to conclude that 'sad and lonely' is how I perceive the world..............................suggest its much more complex than that and btw this thread is not about our discussing our personal expectations or failures.

          But yes, I do like a discussion/debate amongst my other vices and if you the amateur profiler gets your jollies off, by coming to that conclusion, so be it.

          And at my point in life I have been told such activity stimulates the brain.:)

          So Anna profile for us whether the discussions herein are getting more stimulation than me or vice versa and why is such the case?


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