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What are some realistic and creative ways to reduce wealth inequality?

I am a a third year student completing a degree in Social Work in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am currently doing a paper on Social and Community Development where I have to consider a topic of interest and then form a plan based on a theoretical perspective to eliminate or reduce a social issue.

My chosen topic is: Then impact of wealth inequality on social cohesion within New Zealand.

I would love to hear some creative and realistic thoughts around reducing this social issue which is a rapidly increasing, world wide issue. If anyone is well versed around topics such as this, stating your political ideology/perspective/basis of your ideas would be a great help so that I am able to further research the good idea's!

The primary focus will be on reducing wealth inequality as by doing this, social cohesion will increase. Despite this, I do hope to develop a small scale plan to increase social cohesion as well to strengthen the assignment.

Thanks heaps in advance :)


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    May 21 2013: For something this big, it seems like the solution would need to be even bigger than the problem... To understand the problem may be as simple as redefining or clarification of what evil is... I think even a 5yr old knows keeping all the toys in a room full of other children is unjust.

    Is this child born evil..? Taught evil..? Or did a force of nature take over the child..?

    I don't see any good vs evil in nature... Nature is about balance... Evil is a condition of man and a fight for unbalance.
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      May 21 2013: With your specific example about the child in reference to being evil: I do not believe evil is inherited. We are creatures of habit but also we learn our behavior. I also think that a child who is deprived of attention grasps on to any object as a symbol of "I have control of this object cause I have the authority to not share it". This happens psychologically and not necessarily verbally. So starting off from the beginning, yes, education is key to building a society that is more in tuned with their community. I think we just need to be ok in not always having control of the situation and allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable about life on a constant bases as to grow in becoming understanding individuals.

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