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Should parents get to request certain teachers for their children?

Self explanatory


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    May 21 2013: a popular teacher would find a crowded classroom.
    How about the school's administration paying closer attention and taking action to on-going complaints submitted by parents and students regarding a teachers on-going poor performance and practices? Surely it would free up space for more professionals better suited to the job.

    This does happen in private schools but, one must keep in mind a private schools reputation for quality education is their bread and butter.
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      May 21 2013: MEJ, Your right everyone wants the best. We are a small town. Small towns talk a lot. We have a church, auto repair shop, and a gas station outside of town a mile away. We have a total of approximately 600 students and some of those are from the reservation and two neighboring towns when the kids get kick out of their school. The point is that we go to church, school, shopping, play, etc together. As a rule life is pretty good if you are of the town religion ... if not then life can be pretty miserable. People still say hello but you will never be one of "THEM" and your kids are cursed with the sin of their parents not being of that religion. The teachers and administration are all members. I filed a complaint and the board said that the results were none of my business. I motioned that a open record should be available for complaints filed and it should stated founded and/or unfounded when acted upon. The actual punishment is none of my business ... if it was illegal I would have went to the police. The town suggested mental health was a good idea for me .... they are probaly right but not for this. Some where between croneyism, unions, and the tight brotherhood, poor teachers are seldom discilpined or corrected and to the best of my knowledge ... none have ever been fired.

      We have a good school ... and I like most of the teachers and administrators. The way to tell the best teachers is to see where the teachers and principals kids are placed with.

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        May 21 2013: "The way to tell the best teachers is to see where the teacher's and principals kids are placed with"

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        May 21 2013: "poor teachers are seldom disciplined.......none have ever been fired"

        Again.....good observation......and may I further add, that if a parent goes in to make a complaint about a teacher (who has a reputation for parent complaints), the administrator might even say(with a straight face and sincere voice), "Noone has ever complained about that teacher before".

        I have seen this done with my own two eyes, and heard it with my own two ears. Shameful.

        It sounds like where you live, your hands are pretty much tied behind your back.
        So sorry for this.

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        May 24 2013: sorry for the slow response Bob.! Mary M is correct, "seldom disciplined and never fired ".

        Bob I served on the Board of Education in our town of a student population of 3,000. As a member you hear comments, complaints and concerns from parents and even students. When I shared that I was hearing some concerning comments about a teacher, I was told that issues of this nature were handled by the school administration. I do believe that most staff know a below average teacher but, it takes a great deal to dismiss them, even tougher when they have tenure. Bob, I really believe we are blessed with a group of talented and committed professional. Excellent even great at their craft . I t would anger me if a knowing below par teacher was taking up space.
        Thanks again for your reply.

        Keep sharing the things you observe that are questionable. you never know people may be listening will start asking questions. AND...hats of to you for participating..you are a rare gem!



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