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'Mother Culture' is a dangerous God complex that is leading to the destruction of the diversity of life on earth.

Of course everybody knows humans are the climax of creation and we are sovereign over all life on earth. No matter how ridiculous that sounds when I write it out, billions believe it correct.

If we do not accept that we are part of a community of life we will learn the hard way that we are not special.


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    May 19 2013: ... unless the God complex is that of the concerned marine biologist or the geneticist storing DNA back ups.
    The mammoths were decimated by tribesmen living as "part of the community of life", and we just might be able to fix that someday.
    I agree that we've been wastefull and careless, and I agree that we apes are not the purpose of creation. BUT, we do have tremedous powers that no other thing in the known universe has. We have knowledge and foresight, and considerable technological abilities. It is our duty to aknowledge that we are exceptionnal because of Mother Culture, and that we can use our wealth to increase the beauty and sustainability of the place we live in.
    The worst thing that could happen to the planet right now is if something happened and humans suddenly went back to the stone age, and 7 billion people had to survive the 'natural' way.
    I know you don't disagree with this, I just wanted to add a little optimism into the conversation.
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        May 20 2013: You're right. We'd be better off without North Korea. People shouldn't be able to push a button that wipes out the population. But that's a problem for politics.
        You're reply has nothing to do with my comment about Mother Culture and the God complex.
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        May 20 2013: Nor did I say technology could only be used to do good.
    • May 21 2013: Gerald,

      I agree with most of what you say. I would like to add though that the way tribesmen may or may not have driven mammoths to extinction is different from the way our civilized culture drives species to extinction every single day.

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