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'Mother Culture' is a dangerous God complex that is leading to the destruction of the diversity of life on earth.

Of course everybody knows humans are the climax of creation and we are sovereign over all life on earth. No matter how ridiculous that sounds when I write it out, billions believe it correct.

If we do not accept that we are part of a community of life we will learn the hard way that we are not special.


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    May 19 2013: Humans are special and we are sovereign life on earth.

    That said, we are consuming much more than we can afford. We are continuously polluting our planet. Sadly, our politicians have other things on their agenda and fabrication corps. can do whatever they want without any serious supervision. We are betraying our future generations by killing our planet (quote Tony Blair)
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      May 20 2013: .
      You are right.
      This is because our instincts can not detect invalid (harmful) happiness.
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      May 20 2013: yeah,we should save our planet, for us, and more for our future generations...We can start from small things around our life...
    • May 21 2013: Kareem,

      What makes you believe we humans are special and sovereign over life on earth?
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        May 21 2013: "What makes you believe we humans are special and sovereign over life on earth?"
        Countless reasons.

        *The most important one: Our Creator made us special and sovereign on earth. Now this doesn't mean we start polluting earth and make it inhabitable for other species. On the contrary, we should make it beautiful and better for us and other living things.

        *Mere fact that 'Brian Ruckman' posted this topic & you and I read and comprehended it makes us special.
        • May 22 2013: I believe it is arrogant to think man was created in gods image. This is just my logical conclusion. We have absolutely no knowledge of what the creator is (given there be one) so anything else is unverifiable speculation.

          I agree humans have unique capabilities but so do other creatures and possibly alien life so to look at what humans are capable of doing and then concluding we are special in this universe is arrogant.
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        May 22 2013: I agree with you, Brian. We Muslims believe the same thing. Creator is unique/absolute and we human are mere creation!! And man was definitely NOT created in God's Image.

        As far as aliens are concerned. Source of all knowledge, for me, is Quran. And in start of Qur'an is:
        "[All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds -"

        So yep. There might be other intelligence/worlds different from us.

        Although I must confess, no matter how advanced aliens we encounter, I will ALWAYS believe humans are special :P. Why? because all prophets (from Adam to Ibrahim to Moises to Jesus and Muhammad Peace be upon all of Them) were human beings.

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