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'Mother Culture' is a dangerous God complex that is leading to the destruction of the diversity of life on earth.

Of course everybody knows humans are the climax of creation and we are sovereign over all life on earth. No matter how ridiculous that sounds when I write it out, billions believe it correct.

If we do not accept that we are part of a community of life we will learn the hard way that we are not special.


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  • May 20 2013: Nature smiles lovingly at how convinced we are of our soviergnty, our conviction of separateness, our conviction of Godness......all bacterial cultures, left unchecked, consume until the Petri dish runs afoul. Nature knows no time and knows no worry. Balance will be restored......just not by way of any conscious intentions on humans' part. And probably not in a way that we, as perceived long-lasting individuals, would prefer. We are not the human but the life that animates it.

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