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What is the best way to invite the world to consciousness? I hear these presentations from these amazing people on consciousness and yet?

Ok, here's the letter I feel like writing to the world:

Dear World,
Yes. I'm just one person.
I don't have a degree.
I haven't studied in any of the world's top educational meccas.
And I most likely will never be invited to speak on Ted.
But I would like to ask a question.

What would you be required to hear that would invite you to a different possibility?

Do you need to see proof that this reality really isn't working?

What will it take for you to get that the entirety of how we interract with each other, other nations, the environment is based in a dysfunctional system of resisting and reacting to each other based in judgment, conclusion, competition and separation?

What will it take for everyone to get that It is a choice.

How do we reach the Tipping Point where so many people choose consciousness, that one day we all don't even remember what is was like when we didn't?

How do we invite so many to choose it, and they do?

I humbly ask: "What exactly is required?"

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    Apr 6 2011: The world isn't for saving.

    Inviting people to choose consciousness implies that people have the right to turn away. That's their problem. And yours, if you want it to be.

    Having the choice is more important than making the choice.

    Humanity is a cess-pool of talent. You gotta love it.
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    Apr 7 2011: Model it! As Bob Thurman pointed out in his talk (We can all be Buddhas), the key is that generosity is more fun. When people see the joy and health, the glow, that you have from living your own life on a more conscious level, they will want to be more like you. People like Mother Teresa and Matthieu Ricard (also great talk on here!) change more lives and hearts by the contagion of their joy than a whole room full of tenured philosophers.
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    Apr 7 2011: Do me a favor, explore the following terms:

    Critical thinking, analytical thought, open-ended questioning, and cognitive learning.

    If these terms do not help you with what you are asking, they will open up more questions for you, which is even better than an answer!

    Consciousness in the respect to reality and actuality can only happen if you can critically analyze ideas, beliefs, ideologies, concepts, theories etc.

    How do we critically teach the world? Better question. What if we taught the world's children to critically think? Best question.
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      Apr 9 2011: Analytical thought is a dry and sterile head trip unless it is grounded deeper in, whence come empathy and compassion. In particular, we must be careful to use critical thinking and analysis as tools to clear away the rubble that blocks our compassionate natures, and we must NOT mistake them for tools to build something solid for us to climb up and stand on.
  • Apr 6 2011: I think it's the idea that changes minds, and the actions that follow the mind. Put the idea into people's heads that this way is not working for you, that it's not working for the other life of the planet, and that it is ultimately probably going to end in some kind of annihilation (as demonstrated by the popular western culture's obsession with Zombies, apocalyptic natural disasters, etc). I tell those who wish for a zombie apocalypse that WE ARE the zombies.

    The universe is such an amazing place to be- whenever we figure something out, we realize instantly another option, another possibility. It could be this... and it could not. In this way, I believe our attention, our focus, gives rise to new dimensions of reality. Even if it's just the conceptual dimension of reality, it is still expanding.

    Envision a reality in which people are humble, respectful, and act as stewards for the future of life in this world, and you will create that reality.