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Would you share your definition of maturity and the processes to become mature?

Watching people and seeing my own pathway to "grey hair", I have often thought about the question, 'what is maturity and when will we know we arrived/achieved?'

What ideals wait upon persons who seek maturity? Yes, I know; maturity varies and is not necessarily linked to body age. Given wide variances in human experiences, what could you say that defines maturity.

TED players are invited to help define maturity. Please disregard what you think others have said or will say; just dig into your experiences and ideals.


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  • May 21 2013: Take responsibility about the steps you take in life, what you want to learn, how you want to inspire other people, taking are of your own health, know the value of respect, ...

    Knowing that people think differently and only by accepting that, you already made a good base to do further communication.

    Making sure you got values in life that inspire you to become a better person every day.

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