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If humanity is going to continue on like it is, then it should probably take things to a new level.

Football fields should be 200 yards. Golf courses should have 600 yard 'par 4' holes, and be 50 holes long. Basketball hoops should be 15 feet high, and the court should be twice as big. Race cars should be moving 800 miles per hour. The computer I am using should have every single song ever written on it. Bowling should have 20 pins. Chess should have 7 more pieces on each side, or better yet, they should have 4 sides going after each other. Mt. Everest should have a ski slope on it. There should be a 10 lane highway from Cape Horn to Cape Town, with a 10 lane bridge across the Bering Strait, and this highway should have no speed limit. Soccer fields should be 3 times as big, and the goal should be half as big, and there should 20 players on each side. There should be a ship that holds a million people, and a plane that holds 5000 people. There should be a whole new wealthy population of trillionaires. Dart boards should be half the size, and dart players should have to stand twice as far away. There should be a bridge from Hawaii to California. The baseball pitcher's mound should be twice the distance: There should be a 4th base, then perhaps a 5th base. There should be 100 more places just like Hollywood.

Any other suggestions?


Closing Statement from Thomas Anderson

Thank you very much for all of your input! I need to find more ways of venting about the values of humanity. I do not see why we continue to let people suffer unnecessarily.

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    May 20 2013: .
    Our instincts will be able to detect
    invalid (harmful) happiness.

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