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Why does E=mc²?

I think we can all agree that 1=1 but how can you say that E=mc². No one would say the E is the same letter as m.
One example I'd like to make is that NaCl=Na+ + Cl-
But in chemistry you do not use the equals sign you use arrows that indicate a process of conversion which is reversible.
Just as the conversion from energy to mass.


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    May 20 2013: Well I'm trying to say that E cannot equal mass times speed of light squared because only E can equal E.
    Or in the words of Robert Recorde,"...because no two things can be more equal."[taken from wikipedia]
    That's why I want to see arrows used just as is commonplace in chemistry because NaCl cannot equal Na+ plus Cl-.
    But Na+ and Cl- can bond toegther to form NaCl and ONLY through this process of bonding which takes time[among other things] can be equal to NaCl.
    Hope that makes sense.
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      Jun 13 2013: Are you arguing that

      16 + 16 cannot equal 32
      8 * 4 cannot equal 32
      64 / 2 cannot equal 32
      the square root of 1024 cannot equal 32
      42 - 10 cannot equal 32
      because only 64 = 64.

      Because that is what your question is asking.

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