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how one should know about himself??

actually for me the toughest question is when some ask me tell me about yourself??i just get confused and feel helpless..my mind starts to asking question from where should i start n what should i say about myself...so i'm always thinking of how can i know myself..how to explore me infront of people..its so difficult can anybody explain and advice me about this plz......


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  • Apr 6 2011: Well, when people ask me about myself, I tell them that I'm an observer and a thinker. I like to take myself seriously at times, and I like to goof off at other times. I feel a deep respect for myself, every other man and woman I meet, every living creature I encounter, and all the matter and energy in this universe.

    Find yourself, if you don't know yourself, you cannot know anyone or anything else. When you know yourself, you will be able to sum it up pretty easily to those who ask.

    My advice to you would be to take some time to reflect on your role in this life, and what you want it to be.
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      Apr 7 2011: From my point of view i dont think so that it's easy to identify who you are?life is too long it takes years and years to know yourself. In life when you encounter any new situation you just discover something new about yourself and at that point you add something to your character. So it goes on and on. You said "you respect everyone" but this suits to everyone. Who don't want to respect others? That is just formal. But its good you know you're an observer and a thinker. Now that is what i want to discover in me.
      • Apr 11 2011: Many people don't respect others.

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