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Is equality feasible and is it worth achieving? Subquestion: By your definitions, is equality synonymous with fairness?

This is an idea I recently fell upon while thinking about colleges and scholarships. I was wondering why I've been told (not actually witnessed) that minorities get a better chance of getting in college for being a minority. This was apparently an attempt to level the playing field and make things for equal for applicants. I realized that in their attempt to equalize the playing field, they made it unfair. What are your thoughts on this situation and any other equality situation? Do you think people should be going for fairness or equality, both, or are they essentially the same thing?


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  • Jun 14 2013: Absolute equality is not feasible but relative equality is. People are different in many aspects, but the differences are relatively small. Supermen do not exist, and most human beings are of average abilities. If there were such super people ,one may accept a world based on Greek mythology, but humans are still those minute creatures, existing in same conditions. Mutants with superpowers or immortals may change this condition, but till then one assumes that there is really no "substantial reasons" for inequality. On the other hand inequality is in fact a main cause of injustice. A minimal degree of inequality is justified, but a wide degree is unjust and is a cause of hostility and social unrest. Sever equality in privileges and fortune drive people to manipulate and contrôlée society in order to maintain and protect their privelages.

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