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Is equality feasible and is it worth achieving? Subquestion: By your definitions, is equality synonymous with fairness?

This is an idea I recently fell upon while thinking about colleges and scholarships. I was wondering why I've been told (not actually witnessed) that minorities get a better chance of getting in college for being a minority. This was apparently an attempt to level the playing field and make things for equal for applicants. I realized that in their attempt to equalize the playing field, they made it unfair. What are your thoughts on this situation and any other equality situation? Do you think people should be going for fairness or equality, both, or are they essentially the same thing?


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  • Jun 1 2013: I think the answer to your question is resoundingly yes. Equality is very feasible. And yes it is synonymous with fairness. However, I also think it is important to clarify a few things. Humans are all human, we all posses the same brain and almost identical DNA. But more philosophically, we are all in the same predicament. That being, none of chose to exist, it is simply what happened to us. None of us chose what family to be born in, or what environment to experience. So whether you argue nature or nurture (and you should be arguing both simultaneously), you cannot argue equality, because equality exists intrinsically in the universe. Balance is the nature of reality, be it from the perspective of Taoism or super symmetry. That said, what you should be asking is: "is inequality feasible? And if so is inequality synonymous with unfairness?" Because the truth is, humans created inequality around the time they created judgement, and judgement is nothing more than an indication of profound ignorance.
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      Jun 13 2013: We may have similar brains, but they can work quite differently. I really don't know much about DNA, but I know the chemicals and proteins (nucleotides whatever) are similar but the arrangement isn't the same (right?). I think humans are fairly diverse, because of the complexity of our brains. Inequality is inherent in nature at small scales. The Universe as a whole most likely has an equal distribution of mass, but within a smaller sector (our galaxy, solar system, planet), mass is distributed very unevenly. Humans as a whole may be fairly similar, but one country's pop. compared to another or one person compared to another, it seems we are very different. Thanks for your comment and I hope you reply with some more ideas and philosophies from your POV!

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