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Is equality feasible and is it worth achieving? Subquestion: By your definitions, is equality synonymous with fairness?

This is an idea I recently fell upon while thinking about colleges and scholarships. I was wondering why I've been told (not actually witnessed) that minorities get a better chance of getting in college for being a minority. This was apparently an attempt to level the playing field and make things for equal for applicants. I realized that in their attempt to equalize the playing field, they made it unfair. What are your thoughts on this situation and any other equality situation? Do you think people should be going for fairness or equality, both, or are they essentially the same thing?


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    May 23 2013: Fair is defined by convention. Equal is an absolute state.

    You cannot link "fair" and "equal" as they aren't related. Fair is not always indicative of equality. However, equal is equal is equal.

    Is it feasible? Sure...if we can remove biased opinion from our thought processes. Some of us still hate homosexuals and believe every African American walking the earth is ignorant. We are far from equality.

    Scholarships for minorities really have more to do with the resources their parents have. A child going into college today is still impacted by socioeconomic factors from decades ago. It may not be present today. However, since those variables had impacts on prior generations we can ultimately conclude it will have impacts on newer generations.

    A family destroyed by drugs, racism, or other biased treatment can harm generations of children afterwards. Slavery, abolished long ago, still has impacts on generations of children today. Bad parenting has deep impacts over long periods of time and can consume multiple generations of people.

    We cannot bring a race of people to the starting line late in the race...say go...and assert that they were given a fair shot.

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