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Is equality feasible and is it worth achieving? Subquestion: By your definitions, is equality synonymous with fairness?

This is an idea I recently fell upon while thinking about colleges and scholarships. I was wondering why I've been told (not actually witnessed) that minorities get a better chance of getting in college for being a minority. This was apparently an attempt to level the playing field and make things for equal for applicants. I realized that in their attempt to equalize the playing field, they made it unfair. What are your thoughts on this situation and any other equality situation? Do you think people should be going for fairness or equality, both, or are they essentially the same thing?


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    May 19 2013: We profess equality to be fair . To be fair to the people who are at a disavantage.

    People in an advantageous position must understand this.
    • May 19 2013: The rich make laws for the rich. Only the rich are lawmakers.
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        May 19 2013: Have a heart...The poor will inherit the earth
        • May 19 2013: Lol, so tell us Adesh, do you think America stands for justice?
        • May 19 2013: Ah, you are afraid for your position. That's what stops most from speaking out.

          If the hard working poor ran congress instead of the rich, how do you think they would arrange healthcare? Would they say that everyone pays according to what they make and would they allow profit to be made from suffering?

          The more a person suffers under a totally corrupt gov, controlled by a corporatocracy, the more a person has a chance to understand.
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        May 19 2013: Jim Hi, history tells us every super power, every world leading nation, or every empire has always looked after its own interest.

        Honesty does not depend on how much money you own. But some do believe that no body can be rich with total honesty.
        • May 19 2013: Today's ruling empire is corporatocracy. They bribed the leading heads of most all gov's and in so doing, they look after only the ones in power, that protect them from their theft.

          As these huge corporations buy up or run out of business the smaller businesses and corporations, they create ever larger monopolies, catering to just those in the upper classes and as each nations upper classes expand, those monopolies will exclude all those below, until voting is just the formality of a bygone conclusion. Its pretty much there in America, as all we vote on are the next set of crooks.

          With time, the upper classes will get smaller and smaller so that many of you that can and should speak out, will be the next to suffer the ax. They will richly deserve it.
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        May 20 2013: I agree with you Ryan. This is not the democracy we are taught and told.

        What's the alternative ?
        should we wait for Birth of a New Philosophy?
        • May 20 2013: Almost none will speak up and out, meaning it has not gotten bad enough or they are too afraid, also meaning it has not gotten bad enough. For myself and a few like myself and our children, we have been stolen from and oppressed so badly for an entire 40 plus years, that a few of us dare speak out, even when our lives have been threatened, to no avail.

          It seems we will have to wait until it gets to be as bad for the majority. Since America has been flooded with cameras, its likely to take even more suffering before people dare act out with all the cameras watching and the gov knew this and had all these cameras installed just for that reason.
      • May 21 2013: so welfare policies are laws for the rich? Taxation and Obama-care are laws for the rich? How do you come up with these ridiculous ideas? Politics and ideologies are the driving force behind legislation along with percieved necessity.
        • May 21 2013: If congress were run by the hardest working poor, would you think they would make healthcare beyond anyone's capabilities? Would they allow profit to be made from the system and those suffering?

          Would the hardest working take bribes so that the bribers could raise each rate so as to create so much suffering, by the laws they make?

          Would the hardest working allow a stock market to act as huge taxes through stockpiling, conspiracies and whatever favors the rich, by the rich lawmakers-- uh I mean, thieves.

          The US congress was bribed way back in 1970 to stop OSHA, the IRS, workers comp and more, from protecting 17 year old boys from the theft committed by one entire industries contractors. Because congress was fully bribed, no one knew that the industry would purposely cheat the general public and even bribe the at+t yellow pages CEO, to hide that industries competition, from the general public.

          The more oppression one lives under, can lead to understanding so much more. Most people never know how naive they really are.
      • May 21 2013: wow.. i think your too emotional to try an argue some perspective on this topic. Are anit-trust laws and labor laws such as minimum wage, workers comp, etc. benifitting rich people or protecting the average worker? Do you think money corrupts government more really?.. or do you think its ideology? I think if you had perspective on the amount of laws and the nature of existing laws in the United States you would see that politics more so than just money are at the root of much of the legislation. Your right to an extent im not saying your totally wrong im just saying theres a whole lot of gray area your choosing to ignore. Much legislation hurts corporate interests and either benefits the average man or benefits some specials interest of belief.
        • May 21 2013: Which in congress are poor, the repubs? The dems? The do for votes and bribes. That causes everyone else with any power, to do the same for themselves.

          Can you show how that's wrong?
        • May 21 2013: You talk like a would be politician, that grew up sheltered from so much. Tell us of the poor companies.
        • May 21 2013: Tell us of tax breaks for small business. Lets see what you know.
        • May 21 2013: You never answered my questions about the hardest working poor and weather they would allow profit to be made from suffering and healthcare. You didn't answer a lot more that I wrote.

          Go do your one sided debates with others, I'm not interested.
      • May 21 2013: Again we need some common ground to be able to communicate. i feel your way to emotional and dont have enough context to grasp the many faces of truth. Ask me a question that is easily answerable? what do you want to know, specifically? Dems and republicans are both rich, at least the politicians are but whats your point? Who funds the campaigns; well both entities that have financial interests and entities that have ideological interests. What are you asking me?
      • May 21 2013: "You never answered my questions about the hardest working poor and weather they would allow profit to be made from suffering and healthcare. You didn't answer a lot more that I wrote."

        i didnt answer it because i dont know what your saying.. you have to be specific.. what you asked didnt make any sense to me.

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