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Reinstate Antitrust Controls on "Health Care Insurance Companies"

Since 1937, Health Care Insurance Companies have been given antitrust exemptions which allow them to function as Monopolies. This is illegal in all other business entities and should be with Insurance as well. This came about because during the Great Depression, Hospitals were on the verge of Bankrupcy and the government incentivised Insurance Companies to enter the Health Care Arena to safeguard the public. Unfortunately, Lobbying by the Health Care Insurers (millions of dollars each year...funded by health care premiums) has maintained this system which steals from the consumer using the money to maintain a system which helps only the Insurance Companies. They continue to increase premiums, increase "copays" so they are paying for less while collecting more, and paying providers less and less every year. It is no wonder that Health Care in this country is the most expensive in the world and certainly far from the best. Reinstating Antitrust laws to cover all business entities would create real competition and bring more Insurance Carriers to each state. With competition would come lowered cost.

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    May 18 2013: I hear you.

    I don't think what you are suggesting would do much good. For the reason that the whole idea of a monopoly is specious. See the video at the bottom.

    People are starting to get there healthcare offshore as it is said to be better and is cheaper. The monopoly does not exist if the person can choose not to buy or buy elsewhere.

    Additionally the only way a monopoly can exist is through government. Especially through state mandates that limit competition.This is the real problem so I agree to get rid of the antitrust exemption but what is more important is to get government out of the healthcare business and subsidies.

    The high cost of healthcare is a government created bubble like education and housing.

    Even when Sherman Antitrust was enacted it was a specious idea.
    • May 18 2013: Pat: Almost every state has only one or two Insurance companies other than Medicare and Medicaid. this is because they are legally able to price fix. The Private insurance companies are only in the business of making money. They don't care about patients at all.
      I am a physician. Real reimbursements to physicians are under 40% of what they were 18 years ago. This is in great part because Insurance Companies including those supported by government legally price fix and charge with little regulation. The system is untenable. Physicians cannot afford to practice and there is already a huge projected shortage of Physicians in the future. If there was true market forces at work, then prices would decrease, and the number of carriers per state would increase. Currently, a huge amount of health care premiums fund a system which is designed to limit your coverage. Jack
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        May 18 2013: Dr Goldstein

        I heard you the first time, I'm aware of the state mandates and agree that is a problem.

        Do you hear me? The insurance companies are not the problem.

        My neighbor is a doctor, he practices in Chicago because of what you are talking about being more pernicious in Calif. Compared to Chicago, note to self, we are in trouble.

        If only government had to practice the Hippocratic oath?
  • May 21 2013: The true answer to solving our health care issues is NOT by regulating insurance companies, but in establishing a MEDICARE FOR ALL system of single payer healthcare. There are a number of different models in the developed world...all of which HAVE a single payer system and ALL of which have better health care outcomes at a LOWER COST than the US. Much information available on the Physicians For National Healthcare website. John Conyers bill, H.R. 676 is the primary bill in Congress on this important issue and deserves support REGARDLESS of what is done on Obamacare. I have a real problem with all the profit-driven insurance companies still taking a major bite (about 30%) of the money that goes into healthcare and our representatives SHOULD too.
  • May 19 2013: The gov has made corporatocracy our way of life. There are monopolies everywhere. You boys must been living in caves. Congress has been building huge corporations for the sake of their own world power. What a school system huh, make everyone so ignorant, that they can't see what's happening right in front of them.

    What a country aye? How sad is that.

    By the way, they did this with our tax money. Congress can't have a fair tax, because that would take away some of their power.
  • May 19 2013: Surprise, surprise, so you boys think monopolies are only in the insurance industry, aided by congress? Boy are you guys naive.
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    May 18 2013: I am not familiar with this specific exemption, but are you saying they are permitted under the law to meet and decide prices together so that all the health insurance companies operating in the same place charge the same prices for everything? You mentioned more competition. Are you saying there is a barrier to entry that was erected and remains in force?