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Employer's 'Codes of Conduct' are violations of my civil rights

I recently worked with a Fortune 25 corp and had to sign a 'code of conduct' as a condition of employment. In it, it stated (effectively) 'employees conduct is a reflection of the company both on and off the job, therefore employees must conduct themselves in a manner representing the company at all times'. I felt this violated my civil rights. I felt that I was hired to perform a task, to a job, and that my life is my own. The employer (ostensibly) felt that to work there was a choice, not a demand, and this is their condition of employment if I should 'choose' to work there. My conduct is my business - especially 'off' the job. I am not a slave. I am not 'owned'. My actions are not 'owned', and I cannot be 'discarded' because I may or may not have personal values that mirror my employers. Employment is 'at will', I agree. But losing my job because of my conduct at home is a violation of my civil rights.


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  • May 19 2013: R H
    For some reason, TED didn't put the little 'reply' thingy up there.
    So this is in response to your "That's the rub, isn't it?" response.

    Yes, you have a choice R H. That is your Civil Right. Your choice.
    Yes you can choose not to work for large successful profitable
    companies because they can exercise their right to, effectively,
    control your personal life. That is your Civil Right. Your choice.

    Now I see you are moving your argument to losing your 'civil liberties'.

    How is your livelihood threatened R H?

    Is this a ploy to keep a conversation going?
    Making it into an echo?
    Quit Whining.

    Accept defeat. Your Toast.

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