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Can we save the birds from wind turbines

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that there have been several increases on the fatalities of birds, since the revolution of Wind Powered Energy, more importantly, endangered species, like the eagles. Since, I've been brainstorming of inventions to encase the turbines,,making them safe for the birds, but also without compromising the efficiency of the turbines themselves. Drawing after drawing i came up with bulky ideas involving nets, funnels, and essentially giant standing fans. All seemed to unrealistic, inefficient, and expensive so i did some reading. I came across an article explaining how birds have eyes that are more sensitive than ours, and they can see ultraviolet lights that are invisible to humans. This lead me to wonder what exactly do the lights look like to them, and frankly how they felt or responded to all lights. I haven't found any study on it yet, but if we could, we could possibly find a light that deters birds, and steers them clear of the wind farms. Thus, leaving the turbine at it's original form, and protecting the habitat. I'm no scientist, I'm just a 21 year old high school graduate, but this seems pretty plausible. Looking for some professional insight. It would be a cost efficient solution, without adding any more machines, or tools that could probably harm more than just the birds...Also sound? I know there are predator calls you can buy to scare off other animals, maybe we could implement something among them lines. natural and safe deterrents. I hope this makes sense...Because we could apply this to transmission lines aswell...

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    May 18 2013: Yes by not building the wind turbines in the first place. They would not exist without subsidies. It would be a two fer to get rid of them or at least not build anymore
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        May 19 2013: "Neither would big oil, big coal, nuclear energy, the automotive industry, the internet, most corporations, hospitals and just about anything business that has benefited mankind. They have all received subsidies and still do."

        I agree

        "Wind turbines are very successful and most are being built in conservative RED states like Texas, Arizona and Idaho and have created numerous jobs and reduced costs for building new coal fired power plants.

        Ask those RED states what they think about wind and you will see they love it and it isn't about the subsidies! "

        That is conjecture
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        May 19 2013: "You agree with what ?" Your quote

        "Where do you think we would be if government had not helped all of those businesses to get started Pat ?" Again conjecture, that is not true

        "It is not conjecture and wind turbines are very successful and have made it possible for states to meet their energy needs without building more coal fired power plants in the US.

        There are over 6500 wind turbines in Texas alone that can power 3.7 million homes. That is not conjecture it is reality! "

        Show me who paid for it, return on investment, subsidies, tax breaks, etc

        6500 turbines is meaningless

        Spain is one of the PIGS because of all the subsidies connected with turbines
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        May 19 2013: con·jec·ture

        An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

        That defines your posts. Which is generous as much of what say is just not true.

        Have a nice day