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Is this adult life?

At Aaron Swartz's memorial service, the Kenyon College commencement speech This Is Water was read, because DFW was one of Aaron's favorite thinkers. When I shared This Is Water at that time online with a high school student who sounded very much like the default DFW described in his speech, describing herself as unique at school among a sea of mindless drones, an older woman was aghast that I would share this work. Her position was that young people should not hear such a message, as they should consider themselves above and better than all those (presumably) average people around them.

Should young people hear a message like DFW's, or does it discourage them from believing they can do better than this?


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    May 19 2013: Now we're talkin'! I would agree wholeheartedly with challenging students to evaluate, costructively and rationally, viewpoints that may be inconsistant with their own. As far as 'bleakness' goes, high schoolers can get pregnant, enlist in the armed forces (seniors), and get killed in cars, etc. The world is not all roses and fun. It can be 'in your face' sometimes. ;)

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