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What is one act of kindness you have witnessed, granted or received?

Kindness matters.

I'm curious to hear what acts of kindness, random or not, you have witnessed, given or received. Let's discuss the everyday miracles happening among us that rarely make the nightly news.

I'm interested in any story of kindness, no matter how large or small it may seem.


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    May 18 2013: I was helprd by a total stranger and allowed to sleep in their house when I was 21 and very much destroyed from a vicious attack a few months prior...this act of kindness led me to allow a homeless woman to stay at my house over night to keep her out of freezing rain in feb. ...plus allowing two very skinny drug addicts to use my condo shower to refresh them selves after weeks on the street...other acts of kindness of a more minor level is giving out free umbrellas when it is raining,giving clothes to the homeless as they walk by( this way i can see what they need and shamelessly I attempt to colour co -ordinate their outfits)
    • May 18 2013: Wow, this reminds me of the 'pay it forward' system, very admirable!
      I was once helped by a stranger, when I got hit by a car. She comforted me, let me hold her hand till it turned blue. I never knew her name, and never got to thank her, but I'll never forget her face, or her truly selfless act.

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