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Is there ANY sort of organization or club where people meet just to talk and discuss great ideas?

The online forums are great, but no one really DOES anything about these ideas. We just share. I want to feel a part of a movement and surround myself with great energy

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    Apr 9 2011: Was just speaking (online, via Facebook, oddly enough) with a friend about this same topic. Was your question geared more toward social settings, professional, academic?
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      Apr 11 2011: It would be social or academic. Please tell me you know something :)
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    Apr 9 2011: Hi Mark, I've jointed the The John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture. The new president is based at Georgia State University. I'm in New Orleans presently with AERA (American Educational Research Association). I've found them both to be excellent places for the exchange of ideas in my field.

    There are many "societies" that welcome new blood. VCs (for for-profits) may be great but, your idea better be profitable and you will lose big if your idea eventually goes public. SBA helps ensure you know the ins and outs but, I've not found much help there that I couldn't find easier in the public library. Bootstrap financing works well for small startups.

    Much success in your endeavour!
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      Apr 11 2011: Oh thats cool, I go to Kennesaw State so that's not far away at all. I'm going to check it out!
  • Apr 8 2011: I have found that almost all "good" ideas have some very serious shortfalls when it comes to implementation, and also being successful mostly means you've tried everything that doesn't work and if you're still interested and pursuing your idea you are successfull.
    Is anyone out there aware of grants or financial help that allow the 'little' guy to pursue and idea? I realize that a detailed discription of the idea has to be submitted and hopefully approved. thanks
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      Apr 9 2011: I totally agree Neil. You have to fail in order to cover every scenario for your product/service/idea. As far as grants, it'd depend on your idea. I know tons of colleges have contests for innovative ideas in business, technology, etc where the winner gets grants. That'd be the easiest way if you're in college now. Besides that, VC's or maybe the SBA?
  • Apr 7 2011: No higher education needed! Any one can have a wonderful idea & seek funding (if needed). Or even take an old idea & update it-no super knowledge or funding needed. Just takes someone (& or several folks) to put it in motion.
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      Apr 7 2011: Totally agree. now to find a great idea...
      • Apr 7 2011: Repeal the law of gravity.

        If you are successful, let me know and I'll invest.
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          Apr 7 2011: Thank you Revett. Is this a serious offer?
      • Apr 8 2011: [LOL]

        Actually, I have often imagined something that could somehow "cancel" the force of gravity. You could use it as a form of propulsion. Say you have some kind of vehicle that can cancel or reduce specific gravitational forces. Now, if you, for example, cancelled earth's gravity at the vehicle, you could use the gravity of, say, the moon to propel you towards the moon. If you could also enable or disable other gravitational forces, you could move in pretty much any direction you wish. Presto: a totally pollution free vehicle that costs nothing to operate.

        Yes, if you can do it, I'm in!
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          Apr 9 2011: I'm on it. If I find the right people or come up with anything towards this, I will let you know.
  • Apr 7 2011: It seems to be that good (or great) ideas have no place to go to be investigated. Unless you are a Phd and/or associated with a large university or part of a R&D in a large company you have no options for any kind of funding to pursure your idea.
    • Apr 11 2011: You just have to do it yourself. If the idea came to you, it's your responsibility to investigate it.
  • Apr 6 2011: Yes. There is one that I attend in Saint Louis every Sunday. The way it started was out of pure desire and a sense of shared direction amongst a group of friends. The focus of the council I attend is one of creating a sustainable future that can be applied to the greatest number of people possible. There is also an undercurrent of spiritual awakening (for me at least) and renewed self respect and respect for the sacred life all around.

    Do you talk to people face to face about issues that are important to you? If you don't, why not? If you think something is important, you should probably be talking about it to the people you are closest with. When you get across to these people that an idea is something you take seriously, you may find that they will take a look at the issue under a new light. One of open mindedness and respect.
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      Apr 7 2011: Man, that's cool what you're doing!
      You know what, you're right! I haven't made real efforts to share my ideas face to face and I try to rush conversations a lot of times. I was trying to see if there was a formal organization since I'm new to my are (Washington DC/Baltimore), but I'm going to make some efforts. Thanks for the inspiration Tyler