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Should Americans be Doomsday Preppers or should they just spend their money and time on themselves and live in the moment?

I watched Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic and found it amazing that there is a large percentage of American people spending their money , time and efforts on Prepping for disasters, solar flares, EMP , economic collapse, pandemic illnesses, other post apocolyptic scenarios, some of these people were in their 60's and training physically to fight, use weapons, store food, have bug out bags and other locations to bug out to - is this a realistic plan for the future or should these people spend their money on enjoying life, travelling and retiring in peace?


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  • May 19 2013: simone, Thank you

    Back in the day, when I was young, there were from time to time
    men that stood on street corners, holding placards, signs, or banners,
    proclaiming Doom is Near, and other types of Dire Warnings. Some
    had dates when these awful things would occur. They never happened.

    The human mind is a mystery. Take an example of Telemarketing.
    A good telemarketer can get a person on the other end of a phone line,
    (or in today's world) a cell phone, to open his or her wallet and spend
    money (sometimes a great deal of money) for a product or service
    never heard of before the telephone rang. This doesn't work as well
    today as it did before Congress changed the laws, and moved the
    telemarketing off-shore, depriving our nation of over $5 Billion Dollars
    annually. Telemarketing today comes from India with an accent, and
    the $5 Billion Dollars lost to our economy became much more after the
    unemployment benefits and forever-welfare kicked in. Maybe, those
    Doomsday Preppers felt 'economic collapse' was coming. And it did.

    To answer your query.
    This is not a realistic plan for the future.
    But we should take it with a grain of salt.

    I live on the California central coast, near the Pacific Ocean.
    The drums of War being beat by North Korea need be taken seriously.
    Their leader is suggesting they "Make War upon other nation's shores".
    (A tongue-in-cheek response to the policy of the US since 1946).
    They have developed missiles armed with nuclear warheads.
    Their leader was referring to the USA as their target.

    Being a Target is a worry to people living near a 'First Strike Target Area'.
    About 30 miles as the crow flies from Vandenberg's missile base. .
    About 6 miles as the crow flies from the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.
    If either one had a serious problem of any type, Boom, and bye bye.

    While my opinion is that all governments are led by evil men,
    I have retired here, and will take my chances.

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