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Should Americans be Doomsday Preppers or should they just spend their money and time on themselves and live in the moment?

I watched Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic and found it amazing that there is a large percentage of American people spending their money , time and efforts on Prepping for disasters, solar flares, EMP , economic collapse, pandemic illnesses, other post apocolyptic scenarios, some of these people were in their 60's and training physically to fight, use weapons, store food, have bug out bags and other locations to bug out to - is this a realistic plan for the future or should these people spend their money on enjoying life, travelling and retiring in peace?


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  • May 18 2013: Simone,
    have you read "Flashforward" by Robert J. Sawyer? There was also a series made based on this novel on ABC.
    It deals with a sort of Doomsday, one that everyone in the world caught a glimpse of during a short 'blackout', caused by something unknown. This premise made me ponder the actual Doomsday scenario some people believe to exist. The way in which the book handles the human interpretation of these visions, and the reality of an impending Doomsday, is fascinating to me, and perhaps relevant to your question.

    In the book and series, that day the future was known to everyone. They could literally mark Doomsday on their calendars. Some people try to change their vision of the future, some work hard to ensure their vision of the future comes true. Even though we have never had a global 'blackout' like in the book, I am convinced there are people who believe the world will end. There is then very little anyone else could say to convince them otherwise.
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      May 18 2013: wow sounds interesting , I had a read of the link and I will get a copy... It certainly would be interesting if we could know when our last days are... what would you do ??
      • May 18 2013: Simone, that is exactly what I have been asking myself... I don't have an answer yet!
        I read the book, and am now watching the series. I can see why it didn't do well enough for television standards - too confronting!

        Knowing what your future holds - could be a blessing or a curse. Would I make a conscious attempt to make sure that future remained true, or would I hinder it? Depends on what that future was, I suppose. If it were death, there would be little point to hindering it, considering death is in my future no matter when it comes. If it were something I had always dreamed of, would I consider that an extra incentive to make sure that really happened?
        The bottom line is, there is simply no point to either. No matter what you actively do, your future as you create it, will happen anyway.

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