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Should Americans be Doomsday Preppers or should they just spend their money and time on themselves and live in the moment?

I watched Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic and found it amazing that there is a large percentage of American people spending their money , time and efforts on Prepping for disasters, solar flares, EMP , economic collapse, pandemic illnesses, other post apocolyptic scenarios, some of these people were in their 60's and training physically to fight, use weapons, store food, have bug out bags and other locations to bug out to - is this a realistic plan for the future or should these people spend their money on enjoying life, travelling and retiring in peace?


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    May 17 2013: To me it seems like a sad way to live, but I could not tell them they can't do it if they want to. Maybe as they prepare, they get skills that they can use in this present world, in other words, as they store food for the catastrophe they imagine, they also learn about how they can better store food in this present, less dramatic world.
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      May 18 2013: Yep, thats a great way to look at it... also some of them exercise so it is indeed a good thing.

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