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Is a national Wi-Fi network worth pursuing?

With cloud computing becoming ever popular, will we see a day where there is a state-sponsored national Wi-Fi network? Similar to the reasons why the national government supported the initiatives to bring electricity, highways and other infrastructure to everyone in the country - should there be a similar effort to create a national Wi-Fi network?

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    May 17 2013: No
  • May 18 2013: yes
  • May 18 2013: Though initially it sounds less pragmatic, I believe it will become close to pragmatic in the future years. We had never thought of mobile phones when Sir Gram bell invented telephone. It was a miraculous idea to talk on a piece of electronic chip(mobile) anywhere anytime. Time answered this wonder and made it happen in front of us. In the same lines I feel internet will be branded as a pervasive infrastructure which government should provide at certain fee like we pay for our roads and vehicles as taxes.