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Is equality killing competition?

Society strives towards making all it's citizens equal so that no one person is encouraged to be better than the other thus leading to a stagnation of ideas, skills, leaders

Do we use equality as an excuse to hold some people back? Is it really bad to admit that some people are just better than others and so should be given the right opportunity to grow or should we hold them back in the name of equality?


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  • Apr 7 2011: I think equality and the standardisation of people are two extremely different ideas and i also believe the first one - equality - does not have consequences for the second idea. No one will ever be able to make us alike in any domain. We are all different, fortunately (as a Romanian advertisement says), and this will never change. We could be equal in rights (even though I'm sure this won't happen either), equal before the law (funny, I know), equal as human beings, but every single brain will always function in a different way than all the others.

    On the other hand, our world doesn't need 7 billion mediocre people. This would be completely useless and if this kind of world existed, it would never know evolution. We might have been monkeys a long time ago, but we're here and that means those monkeys wanted something more. That something must be us, we shouldn't waste our personal energy by being less that we can be:)

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