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Do teachers have adequate mental health support to cope with classroom stress?

Most education programs and initiatives are student centred. They have been developed to address a teacher's approach to pedagogical challenges (How they teach or what they teach). The success of the programs are based on the response of the students. There isn't any consideration for the psychological well being of the individual that deals with the unfiltered mass of humanity that enters their classroom with a sense of entitlement. Nor does it consider or protect their emotional well being from the assortment of parents and their often misguided sense of entitlement. Why isn't there first and foremost a support system for the intrepid individuals who place themselves in the direct path of raw ego on a daily basis?


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    May 17 2013: There is no generalized "YES " / "NO" answer to the main question .
    However your explanation has some food for thought yet can't be answer with straight forward "YES or NO "
    • May 17 2013: Salim - I believe the main question can be answered yes or no based on a general impression of the support provided in your local area. But I agree the explanation requires a reasoned response.

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