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Flying without wings or propellers

Flying cars will become reality when they will not depends of winds and turbolence. New technology will allows flying without wings or propellers, this technology is nothing new, it just need to be developed to useful stage. Average Jane will not fight in her flying car with winds and turbolences while she will go to shop.

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  • May 17 2013: Flying car from Netherlands looks great ... but I still believe that in the future flying cars will be very similar to our cars today, OK maybe a little bit more aerodinamic shape, especialy the bottom of the car, but the biggest advantage will be their independent of wind ... I will try to explain like this : boats are pushing from water, planes from air, cars from asphalt ... flying cars from nothing, they could also fly through the vacuum like satelite ... no it does not need rocket, action is equal to reaction in this case does not work ...
  • May 17 2013: Hi Tomaz,
    A flying car was introduced here in the Netherlands:

    The problem was, integrating take-off and landing strips along every bit of highway, which I presume is too costly to implement. I haven't heard a peep about this car since it's 'launch' a year ago...
  • Jun 15 2013: Investor takes it all, of course, almost all.
  • Jun 15 2013: Manishka ... ater many years I saw very similar invention, inventor from Canada or USA have spent a lot of time and money for this, but maybe it was muc too early for such invention, maybe now, after 20 years will be the right time, I am still searching for investors ...
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      Jun 15 2013: Maybe now is the right time! Sorry I don't know anything about patents, do you need investors before you patent it? Wouldn't the investor have the patent rights then? Anyway, goodluck!
  • Jun 15 2013: Manishka, thank you for good wishes, I have invented this technology years ago in order to replace the gear box in cars and cars could goes on the ice road without problems ... everything looks much more simple than gear box and cheaper ...
    The first step would be to make patent protection, after that a lot of testing ...
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    Jun 15 2013: It's lovely to dream tomaz, without them, we'd still be clicking rocks together. I'd like to see this dream come true. Some sci fi writers have dreamed of this too.

    When you say " this technology is nothing new, it just need to be developed to useful stage. " what do you mean?
  • Jun 15 2013: Wo, far out man.
  • May 29 2013: I agree with you, I hope you agree with me, flying cars should not scared people on Manhattan, they shouldn't see any wings or propellers on it ...
  • May 29 2013: We should get to work: routes, maps, laws (inter)national, production ...
  • May 20 2013: flying cars must be a ture
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    May 17 2013: Jet Packs wahoo
  • May 17 2013: I think of rockets, jets. etc. when you write this. Okay Balloons, too. But what do you mean exactly. Okay, parachutes, but that's sort of like a wing. Winds and stuff like that are part of the atmosphere Waves in the ocean. Please explain more. Okay Arthur C. Clark imagined a space elevator. How about something like a ski lift. Of Couse, if we want to talk abou dirigibles as different form balloons that's another issue.