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Closing Statement from Rollin Wildhorse

The striking "Profession of Faith" by one of the visitors here made a deep impression on me. And after a great deal of reflection, over several days, I decided to close out this thread. I realized that the task of reconciling the Islamic world to the rest of the world really is a daunting task. I got a feel for what our diplomats must experience when they approach leaders of Islamic nations. Frustration. And even hoping to open a dialogue was a bit beyond anything I could ever achieve, even symbolically, even temporarily, or even momentarily just on TED. I was hopeful at first. Because if TED can do anything, TED can give us at least a momentary vision of a better and more positive future. That vision might be unrealistic or quite distant in the future if it is ever to be achieved. But TED has a handle on what the George H.W. Bush White House used to call: "That Vision Thing!"

But the single "Profession of Faith" given here by a follower of Islam, did the most to make that clear to me. In no way am I in a position to Judge, or even comment upon the spiritual experiences of any Muslim. That was clear. Furthermore, something here seemed both unapproachable and unassailable in terms of engagement. Even a quiet conversation seemed impossible to achieve. It would take much more than anything I could write or post on TED to sort this out in any meaningful way.

I gave up. I might be deserving of criticism for that. But I gave up.

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  • May 24 2013: I am a Muslim. But I can't be a Muslim unless I believe Abraham and his teachings, I can't be a Muslim unless I believe in Moses and the message given to him by God, I can't be a Muslim unless I believe in Jesus and the message given to him by God. These are the prime requirements for me to believe in all the Prophets of God and all the Books sent by him and then believe in the Quran and the Prophet Muhammed. God through the Quran demands this from me.There is only one God and HE has been giving the same message right from the beginning which found its final shape in Quran.
    This is where the connect lies, our belief in HIM and HIS message. So if we get connected, we can be on the same page. When we get to the same page we have nothing to fear from each other. The opening verses of the Quran in Chapter 2 where the actual message starts, emphasizes constant Communication with the CREATOR and in the same breath and at the same level communication with HIS CREATION. This is the philosophy of our life on this earth.
    I am a Pakistani living in Pakistan. We have lost thousands of soldiers and more thousands of innocent civilians fighting TERRORISM including Al Qaida. We know what it is like to face misguided fanatics and their likes who are exploited in the name Islam. Fortunately they are not many. We know that even when the US and NATO leave Afghanistan, we will still have to face the menace for a long time. And we will God willing be able to control , defeat and eliminate the problem.

    As suggested , we all need to put a concerted effort together to fight them every where and make our citizens and the world safe from further suffering, as we are all followers of peace loving religions. We must continue this effort.

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