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What conclusion should we made from the deadly collapse of a factory in Bangladesh?

I used to ear that we live on a global world, that all of us are interconnected, but this connections are not two-ways, the first world it´s just interested in one-way, rejecting the other.

What kind of controls do we have about the labor condictions of the people who woks for us in the third world?

What the ONU do about that?

Does the market punish companies that abuse of poor people?


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    May 17 2013: Lizanne, it´s a pleasure to read your comments.

    Im agree not all apparel companies are bad, same of them have done an extraordinary work in poor countries, buliding schools, and introducing medical cares for their workers, for example.

    Anyway, some of them have no idea about the conditions in where poor workers done his job, just because it´s better dont know what happend there.

    Who have to solve this problem, customers, local goverments, the industry, or the golbar oprganizations?

    I think just and strong intervention of global organizations could help us.

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