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What do you think about Islam?

Did you study Islam?


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    May 17 2013: My question is to one and all

    Did anybody give you knowledge of all the religions and than gave you the choice to choose any one of them?


    You basically inherited religion from your parents. Now you are bound with your hands tied to defend it.
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      May 17 2013: Not true. Was converted at 35. Parents were agnostic. Studied Creation versus Evolution, decided Creation was more likely.

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        May 18 2013: Hello Peter Law
        I'm just curious why do you find creation more likely?

        I didn't study any of both sides but I was born muslim and I used to think about god a lot, and after many years of thinking and searching I have found evolution more likely.
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          May 18 2013: Hi Teodor.
          That is a big question; how long have you got? I am a mechanical engineer; I love to find out how things work.

          If we look at the rock strata worldwide; we find many fossils in each strata. In order to become a fossil you need to be buried very quickly, or you rot or get eaten. So a strata with fossils by definitIon must be formed rapidly. Most of these strata are massive, even trans-continental, so they were laid rapidly over large areas. In addition, there are many places where large fossils; notably trees; run vertically through many strata.
          Evolutionary scientists claim these strata were formed slowly over millions of years. If the strata had to be formed rapidly then, the only place for long periods of time is between the strata, (Polystrata trees etc notwithstanding). If a long time occurred between the strata, then it would be reasonable to expect soil, erosion, etc to be present, but normally the lines of demarcation between layers are nice, crisp, straight lines.

          My bible, which you are probably familiar with, tells of a worldwide flood some few thousand years ago. I feel the evidence in the rocks supports this claim, rather than evolution.

          Naturally there is more to it than this, but this is one of the easier to explain in a short essay.

          If this interests you, then check out....
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      May 18 2013: Obviously children inherit many habits from their parents and, naturally, they are not bound to those habits as adults because we all have this strange thing called "choice." A spiritually mature individual should have embarked on some sort of exploration of faith before settling into any single faith.

      I was born into a Catholic family, played with Judeo-Christianity, dabbled in mystic religions, fell in love with Tao, then settled into a very comfortable agnosticism. My parents had nothing to do with the final decision. They simply stood next to me before I embarked on my journey.
    • May 19 2013: "You basically inherited religion from your parents. Now you are bound with your hands tied to defend it."

      This statement is ridiculous. Almost every teenager rebels, sooner or later, mildly or wildly. Questioning what we are taught when young is as natural as breathing. We are not robots, doomed to believe and act upon whatever our parents put into us. Every adult is responsible for his/her beliefs and actions, regardless of what they are taught at any age.
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        May 19 2013: Your perspective is true in your environment but you need to understand i am stating the fact that is a truth in this part of the world.

        Once you understand this than you can understand the response you get once you discuss religion in this part of the world.

        I never thought the divide is so great in the thought process of both part of the world

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